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Leading Your Family to a Joyful, Enriching, and Successful Summer

Recommended for Parents of  Ages 3-13

Watch Leading Your Family to a Joyful, Enriching, and Successful Summer to learn practical and meaningful ways every mom can enhance their family's summer.


Wait! It's not just for summer! These ideas are amazing for hands-on moms all year round!

Do you homeschool? This webinar with ideas for daily routines, creativity, critical thinking, and tips to make a houseful of young kids run smoothly is for you too!

  • Identify specific goals for your family

  • Learn how to support your children as they transition from the structure of the school year to a relaxed summer schedule

  • Help your children recharge and relax in a developmentally healthy manner

  • Learn the difference between creative play and entertainment and how you can foster creative play in your children

  • Build a stronger family culture of unity and cooperation with games, family books, activities, and secret codes

  • Enhance your children's creativity and critical thinking skills throughout the summer

  • Achieve this in attainable ways without feeling like you're stretched too thin and juggling too much

  • Learn practical tips such as picture calendars, chore charts, nature time

  • Get specific book and game recommendations, lists of art supplies, and creative resources you can use for your family today.

This product comes with an 8 page pdf of the course graphics with room for note-taking. The private link to the video will be found on the top of the course pdf.

Length: 1 hour 8 minutes

Rebecca’s seminar provided me with so many great ideas for summer activities with my kids. I’m very excited to go through Rebecca’s book recommendations, and her ideas about how to structure children’s mornings and bedtimes have already been very helpful in our little household. I feel very grateful that Rebecca has chosen to share her years of carefully collected knowledge, as well as her experience raising her six wonderful children, with a wider audience.

Madeleine Brown


In her webinar, Rebecca shared several insights and goals to help our children thrive during summer. I learned a lot about how I can engage my whole family in games and activities to build connection and facilitate family bonding. I also learned about products I can buy to stimulate my children’s brains during times I may need to get things done. I feel empowered with tools and creative ideas to lead my family through summer!

Gabrielle Solomon

This course was very helpful, super practical, and definitely worth the money! You won't be disappointed!

Naema Tenenbaum


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