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Thriving with Teenagers

Recommended for Parents of  Ages 11-18

Adolescence opens up a whole new world to children and parents. Watch this video to gain a deeper understanding of your pre-teen and teenager as well as practical guidance for parenting them. Learn why teens act the way they do, how to care for them and parent them in this stage, and how you can lead them into adulthood with serenity, courage, and wisdom. Rebecca shares both developmental insights and practical suggestions to help you thrive with your teenager.

This product includes a pdf of the course graphics with room for you to take notes on the abundance of material presented.

Length: 1 hour 10 minutes

For more video clips from Thriving with Teenagers, visit the Videos page.


"Your webinar was SO good! I loved literally everything you said!!! Thank you!!!

- R.M.


Rebecca provides practical advice that parents can employ everyday to gradually strengthen themselves and improve their relationships with their children and their connection with God.

- David & Raquel Astin

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