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Parenting for Children to Listen

Recommended for Parents of  Ages 2-13

Parenting doesn't have to be a tug-of-war between you and your child. Watch this video to learn insights into child development and psychological and Biblical principles that underlay the parent-child relationship. You will learn how to bring your child willingly onto your team and eliminate much of the resistance and arguing that makes day-to-day parenting so challenging.


Parenting for Children to Listen dives deep into the nature of attachment and how to use it within the parenting relationship, how to deal with peer relationships, how to minimize your children’s resistance, how to help immature children act appropriately, how to set your children up for success in challenging situations, and much more. Master principles and practical tools that will help you parent your children so they will willingly follow your guidance.


This product includes the 7 page course handout containing 21 slides and room for note-taking.

Length: 1 hour 18 minutes

For more video clips from Parenting for Children to Listen, visit the Videos page.

This course has already changed the way I parent and I'm only halfway through it! With four, young rambunctious boys by the end of a busy day I found myself sounding like a drill sergeant, not the warm, loving mother I'd hoped to be This course has given me some easy to implement tools that have already helped me change my behaviors with my children which has resulted in them listening the first time when I ask something. This is a course you will listen to over and over and get more out of it each time. This was an incredible investment in me as a parent and my children will reap the benefits. Do yourself a favor and listen now.

- Miriam Kaplan

This short webinar gave me a lot of food for thought and I came away with a new perspective on parent child relationships.

- G.L.


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