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Parenting As Partners 

Recommended for Parents of  All Ages

In this entertaining and informative video, Rebecca and Max Masinter share their experience and wisdom for you to learn how to parent with your spouse as a unified team. This video is full of techniques and insights for couples parenting together.

Learn which conversations you should have to identify your core values,

How to develop your parenting team with both spouses on board,

How to support and validate your spouse,

How to make decisions together,

How to present your decisions to your children,

How to balance long-term and short-term goals,

How to get through challenges together and much more.

This product comes with an 11 page pdf of the course graphics with room for note-taking.

Length: 1 hour 42 minutes

For more video clips from Parenting As Partners, visit the Videos page.

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This webinar was so informative, inspiring, and practical. I now feel equipped with important questions to discuss with my husband as well as tools to have the conversations sensitively and respectfully. After listening to this webinar, I recognize the gravity of my responsibility as a parent and wife, yet feel encouraged that I can grow in these roles. I think any parent would benefit tremendously from this webinar.

- Gabrielle Solomon

Hundreds of years of wisdom, passed down for generations, have been encapsulated by the Masinters into two hours. Following the wisdom presented in this course may not fix all of your problems, but it will take you a long way in the right direction. Anyone who implemented everything presented this course would be well on their way to a house filled with peace and marriage that will endure many tough times.

- David and Raquel Astin

The 'Parenting As Partners” webinar provided me with invaluable insights and practical guidance on building a healthy partnership in marriage. I appreciated being able to review the recording at my own pace, and look forward to reviewing it and sharing it with my husband. The presenters were not only knowledgeable but also displayed respect, fun, and passion throughout. Their positive example served as an inspiration for us as we strive for a fulfilling partnership within our own marriage. I am grateful for the information shared during this webinar and commend its creators for being exceptional guides for couples seeking a strong foundation built on mutual respect.

- Tzippi Goetz

The Mother's Guidance Parenting as Partners webinar was eye-opening, entertaining and simply packed with practical concepts and take-aways to positively transform how you and your spouse parent together. Covering both the theoretical and the practical, this is a course that you can put into practice immediately. I cannot recommend this webinar highly enough!

- A.L.

A delightful and entertaining of proactively tackling serious parenting issues from two seriously dedicated parents.

- Shmuel and Leah Simenowitz

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